When you're looking for something tasty and quick make sure to check out The Hollander Gastropub.
Whether you're craving burgers, wings, sandwiches, poutines, Tex-Mex, even Asian and Indian fusion, it's all made fresh to order, just for you!

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Anytime Breakfast Westboro is one of the few restaurants in Ottawa offering all-day breakfast.
Whether it be pancakes, omelettes, breakfast sandwiches or wraps, we've got all that and a whole lot more, made fresh for you, whenever you like!

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Our Story

In the early part of 2020 the world was turned on its head. In the midst of the uncertainty surrounding the economy and the dramatic impact on restaurants, many in the restaurant industry suddenly found themselves unemployed. Unbeknownst to them at the time, several cooks all had similar aspirations for dealing with the new reality. Rather than sit at home unproductively, they all, independently, decided to create virtual restaurant menus so that they could continue to cook for the pleasure of others and also support themselves and their families.

At that time restaurants were open to renting out their kitchen space which allowed the cooks to rent the kitchen space they needed. A few months later, while catching up on a zoom call, the cooks realized that they were all pursuing virtual restaurants. The group then decided to pool what little money they had and to open a restaurant of their own. In June 2021 the partnership of cooks opened The Hollander Gastropub. Today they are all now working in the restaurant and supporting themselves and their families but also providing jobs for the cooks and servers who work with them.